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Professor Provides Water Safety Tips for Young Children
May 28, 2014

Young children would love to play in the community pools, water parks and lakes during the hot summer months. But this activity of enjoying a dip in swimming pools comes with its own risks as the pool water or the lake water might contain huge quantities of bacteria and parasites that can adversely affect the health of the kids. Christopher Ohl, M.D., professor for infectious diseases at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and also the medical director of communicable diseases of the Forsyth County...
Degradable Nanoparticles Penetrate Brain Cancer Cells
May 9, 2014

Johns Hopkins biomedical engineers and neurosurgeons have revealed that they have jointly created biodegradable nanoparticles that have the capability to carry DNA to brain cancer cells. They have come out with this finding after successfully testing it in mice and observing that the nanoparticles indeed carried DNA to brain cancer cells in mice. This experiment has given rise to the suggestions that these particles carrying death genes can be given to brain cancer patients as part of the neurosurgical...
Decker Foundation Gift - Helping to Establish Lab
May 6, 2014

Binghamton University biologists have received funding from Decker Foundation for conducting research on various medical conditions ranging from a simple ear infection to complex cancerous diseases. This research would benefit the patients who are undergoing treatment in Southern Tier hospitals. The foundation had donated $333,901 to the university, which had been used to buy a fluorescence activated cell sorter. This equipment, which had been available only for microbiology researchers, would now be available...


Nanomedicine, The Next Big Thing In Medicine: Will It Replace Conventional Medicine?

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What really is Nanomedicine? It is the application of nanotechnology, the really minute and precise technology, to achieve new breakthroughs in healthcare. So what is that differentiates it from conventional medicinal practices and how does it open up prospective new healing prospects and will it replace conventional medicine? Nanomedicine is substantially different from traditional medicine […]

May 2, 2013  Read More

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