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Research Discovery to Help Replace Damaged Heart Muscle
March 12, 2014

An unusual discovery made by researchers at John Hopkins. Whenever you fall down and injure yourself and there are open bruises, in a few days’ time, the skin begins to heal itself with a layer of new skin cells. This repairing process happens in most parts of the body – whenever there is an injury or damage to old cells – whereby, old and dead cells are replaced by the new ones. This process is not replicated in the case of heart and brain cells. If any damage – heart attack, infection...
55% of Women Are Passive Smokers Due to Tobacco Smoke Exposure, Survey Says
March 11, 2014

The repercussions of being a female passive smoker. Time and again, we have been told about the hazards of smoking. In spite of health magazines, news media and social media crying hoarse about the ill-effects of addictive smoking, it has been seen that compulsive smokers turn a deaf ear and blind towards them. A recent survey conducted in 13 research venues in Asturias, Sabadell, Gipuzkoa, and Valencia, showed shocking results in the form of more than 50% women being passive smokers. Their passive...
Reproductive Coercion, Intimate Partner Violence Experienced by Most Women
March 8, 2014

Intimacy with your partner has to be enjoyable for both. This is shocking news, more so in the present times where both partners are expected to arrive at a mutually acceptable decision whether or not to have a baby and if when to have it if they want one. A study shows that almost 9% women in America alone face reproductive coercion from their partner. In other words, they are subjected to physical and emotional harassment and threats of desertion if the women fail to comply with the idea of getting...


Nanomedicine, The Next Big Thing In Medicine: Will It Replace Conventional Medicine?

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What really is Nanomedicine? It is the application of nanotechnology, the really minute and precise technology, to achieve new breakthroughs in healthcare. So what is that differentiates it from conventional medicinal practices and how does it open up prospective new healing prospects and will it replace conventional medicine? Nanomedicine is substantially different from traditional medicine [...]

May 2, 2013  Read More

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